Reader’s Choice Award (2020)

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New Book, New Blog

Hey everyone! I return, briefly, to inform and share news of wonder! In the year or so since I left Page Runner, I have self-published a novel titled The Spectre and the Raven, pictured below:

Cover design by Emily Foster.

To coincide with this, I have also made an author website, found here, and a new blog titled ‘The Bard and the Bear‘ where I will blog about my released novel, up-coming works, reviews of books I’m reading, and a few other morsels of trivia.

I hope those that read this blog will look into my new one too. I may return to Page Runner in the near future too, although I am moving over the next month, so it will not be before August.


Hey everyone! This post is going to be a relatively quick one. About a month ago, I started a YouTube channel under the name of The Atlantis Theory and I’m really enjoying it. It’s as geeky as this, but I’m enjoying it more. For now it’s purely comic-book focused but as it grows, I’m going to branch out into other types of videos and fandoms. So this post is merely an announcement of that and also that I will be doing one more post on the Blog and then switching over to the channel for all my geeky content, at least for the foreseeable future.

The last post in question will be a dream casting, collaborative post between me and some other fans of Neil Gaiman’s “Endless” from the popular Vertigo-DC comic book, which we started developing ideas for in the wake of the announced Netflix show. This last post will come over the Christmas period to fit in with the ending of the current year. My new channel will hopefully grow, and I hope my followers of the blog will jump over there to give a subscribe. For every 50 subscriptions the channel gets I’m going to donate £10 to the mental health charity MIND, and when I reach my first milestone of that first 50, I’m going to be running a comic-book giveaway for a signed X-Men comic so be sure to drop by!

So that is all for now, I look forward to my last post for now and hope that you enjoy my new content on the channel.

The Direction of Marvel’s Fantastic Four

So recently (fairly recently) I published a post on who are my top picks for directing and writing Blade in the MCU. You can find it here, if you’re interested or didn’t see it before!

Along with the news of Blade’s announcement, the Fantastic Four were also mentioned; that they’re coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It wasn’t said when and it probably won’t be in Phase 4 but I think it will be at the beginning of Phase 5, maybe even kicking off the slate. As with my post on Blade, this post will be talking about a few choices to write and direct the Fantastic Four film. This has been a big talking point among my friends for awhile, as it’s been some-what a dream for many of us that this team would ever come to the MCU.

The Candidates

As I said with the Blade post, these choices are my own and are definitely not to be treated as a hint of who may be taking up these roles. Although I very much hope that they could. The candidates are from first to third choice.

Director – Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn is my number one pick for directing the Fantastic Four’s MCU debut. Matthew Vaughn’s director credits already include the widely successful comic-book films Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, and Kingsman: The Secret Service. He has also shown his talent adapting the family-friendly, quirky adventure Stardust which is actually my third favourite film, and on top of this he has shown his ability to handle a gritty film as proven with the 2004 British-crime film Layer Cake, which was also his directorial debut for a feature film. Matthew Vaughn has time and time again delivered fantastic directing, writing and producing. His directing in particular makes him stand out and his film credits collectively show that he would be a prime candidate for handling the science-fiction, team film and their debut into the MCU.

Director – Brad Bird

Brad Bird absolutely deserves to be second place on this list. Brad Bird has a proven collection of credits, his first feature-film direction was the critically acclaimed Iron Giant. Since this he has gone on to prove again and again that he is perfectly capable of handling gritty, dramatic, action films as well as family-friendly, team-based films. Bird’s directoral entry into the Mission Impossible franchise: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol wowed critics and fans, being praised as one of the best films in the series and the highly enjoyable The Incredibles, and The Incredibles 2 – both of which he wrote too, have also seen incredible (puns win) success. Brad Bird would be a truly great director to take on the MCU’s Fantastic Four debut. He has shown skill and brilliant passion when it comes to team-based films.

Director – John Krasinksi

John Krasinksi is fairly new to the directing game but his directorial feature film A Quiet Place was absolutely incredible, it received overwhelming critic success and performed above expected at the box office, the film was also nominated for an Academy Award which it won. Although new to directing, John Krasinski has expressed interest in tackling a Marvel Cinematic Film and is also a fan-favourite to star in Fantastic Four across from his wife Emily Blunt as Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman. I think Krasinksi would be absolutely perfect for a some-what gritty take on the MCU’s Fantastic Four, and I could picture him working extremely well along side my choice of writers.

Writer – Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn is an incredibly accomplished film maker. He’s a distinguished director but also an incredibly talented screenwriter, and his projects in the past, make him extremely worthy to write the Fantastic Four’s MCU debut. His screenwriting credits include the extremely successful Stardust, Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, and Kingsman: The Secret Service. He also wrote the story for the X-Men: Days of Future Past film, which is considered one of the best X-Men films. Vaughn has proven time and time again that he has a knack for comic-book films, and has a proven method with team based films and stories. I would love to see Vaughn take up the mantle of screenwriter for this film, and he could also direct, many of his projects previously have used that format.

Writers – Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely

Most of my picks up until this one have never written or directed an MCU film, enter Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. These two writers are responsible for writing the screenplay for some of the best MCU films to date, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. So we can see they are already veterans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and on top of this, the pair also wrote the wildly entertaining Pain & Gain. Markus and McFeely totally defined the MCU’s phase 2 and 3 with their writing; their gritty take on the superheroes brought a new feel and with it, shocks and twists. I feel these two would be absoluetly perfect to helm the writing for the MCU’s Fantastic Four, if Marvel decided to make it more gritty than comedy, and the F4 could go either way; I’d personally prefer something a bit darker, with splashes of comedy – like all the great Fantastic Four comics.

Writer – Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is one of my favourite writers in Hollywood, and is often underrated, from what I see and read. Wright has been a feature-film screenwriter since 1995 and his first big hit was way back in 2004 with the widely praised comedy-horror Shaun of the Dead. He has also produced excellent screenwriting for such films as Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Ant-Man, and Baby Driver, the last two of which are in among my favourite action films. Edgar Wright would be a superb fit for the Fantastic Four’s first outing in the MCU. He has proven he can handle a comedy approach with stylish action too, and with Ant-Man under his belt, he’s no stranger to the MCU too.

Honourable Mention: Director – Taika Waiti

Taika Waitit made such a splash with his totally new take on Thor in Thor: Ragnarok and he previously directed and wrote What We Do in the Shadows, which is probably one of the best comedies ever. Although still fairly new to the directing game, I would love to see Waitit’s take on the Fantastic Four. His work on Thor: Ragnarok in particular makes me think he would totally re-imagine Marvel’s first family on the big screen and bring them to life, in a way that only Waitit could.

So there’s my picks, folks! I hope you had a good read, and maybe even put a choice or two onto your list. I have another post like this to come, and that is for the X-Men. For now though, have a great day!

What Comes Next?

So the third Marvel Cinematic Universe slate is almost at the final point with Avengers: Endgame just a few months away. There are so many possibilities regarding that film after the ending of Infinity War and Ant-Man & the Wasp, and even more possibilities for the future of the MCU given that we really have no idea where Endgame will leave us. In this post I will be going through a list of ten comic-book arcs that I would love to see adapted for Phase 4, with a little about each arc and how it could aid the MCU’s overall story! Originally the list was to be five arcs but a few of them I just couldn’t decide between so now it is ten, also reports have varied about the length of Phase 4. Some reports indicate that the Phase’s films won’t be split up into slates and some say that Phase 4 will follow the slate-structure, either way, Kevin Feige said that they have “at least twenty” films planned which is quite a few. Although I’m sure we won’t know all of them on the first reveal.

Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige has stated that Phase 4 of the MCU will be heavily focused on the vast cosmos of Marvel, which has been introduced to us briefly in films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Raganarok, and Avengers: Infinity War. However I’m sure there will be story-lines tying Earth’s characters into the fold too, and while it is hard to predict where the future of the MCU is heading, these are just the arcs that I would personally love to see adapted if the arcs fitted. So without further waiting, let’s kick the list off!

10. Infinity

I know what a lot of you are probably thinking, Infinity served as one of the comic-books that was inspiration for 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War regarding Thanos’ invasion of Earth through the Black Order and the battle taking place at Wakanda. However the comic-book arc of Infinity boasted far more than just a focus on Thanos and his invasion and that’s the part I want to talk about in regards to Infinity.

In the 2013 comic-book arc ‘Infinity’ written by Jonathan Hickman the whole universe is threatened by a race known simply as ‘The Builders’ who are said to be the oldest race in the universe. The Builders go from planet to planet erasing all life upon them in order to start again. The Builders are heading to earth to destroy it however many other races are in danger as they know their worlds will also be targeted and so in the story a resistance is formed against the Builders and named the Galactic Council. Upon this council sat an unlikely group of allies including Annihilus, the Skrull Emperor Kl’rt, and Kree Supreme Intelligence. The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy prepare to battle the Builders on two fronts, in space, bringing an impressive roster of heroes to join the Galactic Council’s ranks and on Earth. While this story does feature Thanos and his search for the Infinity Stones I feel that the other part of the story, with the Builders and Galactic Council, could be adapted suitably well. It would also combine Earth with a full-front space conflict that could be established over a few films and leading to a final film, this arc in the MCU could also see us introduced to the Illuminati.

Seeing as the Fox-Marvel deal is coming to completion, and we will be introduced into various Fox characters, a story-line such as Infinity is one of many that would be a great place to set up the shadow-organisation of super-humans secretly defending earth.

9. The Thanos Imperative

Okay so this gets a bit tricky because we do not know the fate of Thanos. He may die in Avengers: Endgame and if so, adapting this story would become tricky. Not impossible but more difficult.

So if Thanos is to die in Avengers: Endgame, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t return. Various characters in comics have come back to life through a variety of methods, and I’m sure this is something the MCU stories would be capable of doing too. However, a running theory for the story of Avengers: Endgame is that it will end with Thanos being put into an immense cosmic prison, or using something to do with the dimensional travel that is rumoured to take place. Anyway, The Thanos Imperative is a story that sees Thanos escape from his prison where he was being guarded by the Guardians of the Galaxy while Nova pursues Quasar while Magus and the Universal Church of Truth tear open the ‘Fault’ which is a massive rip in the universe leading to a seemingly infinite amount of realities through space and time. Through it comes monstrous creatures led by an alternative Captain Marvel ‘Lord Mar-Vell’ who is the existing leader of the Cancerverse (which is a reality in which Death itself has been banished from so Life runs rampant and seeks to spread his/its plague to all over verses). The Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova release Thanos who teams up with them to battle those from the Cancerverse. Nova then also leads another team to pursue another character.

The Thanos Imperative would be a great story to adapt for the Guardians of the Galaxy, and pending the finale of the third slate and Endgame, could see Thanos return to the screen for another film, as well as spinning Thanos into a new light too.

8. X-Men: Worlds Apart

This is a story I’ve wanted to see on the big screen for a while but there was absolutely no chance of it happening until the Fox-Marvel deal became apparent. X-Men: World’s Apart puts a spot light on Storm who is a character I feel deserves to be at the fore-front of the X-Men in the MCU.

Storm, over the course of her life, has been many things: A thief. A Goddess. An X-Man. A Wife. A Queen. But then an mysterious murder is committed in Wakanda by a fellow mutant and Storm takes it upon herself to investigate, the events which then transpire force her into a position where she must choose to stand with either her husband; the Black Panther and Wakanda, or with her own people; the X-Men and mutants across the world. I feel this arc would integrate really well, after establishing the mutants it could be an arc such as this which paves the way for Avengers vs X-Men; bringing tension between two powerful cultures. Storm is a character that could appear in the MCU quite effortlessly.

Once the mutants and X-Men have been introduced into the universe, Storm could make her first MCU debut in a credit scene for Black Panther 2 as a potential love interest for the character, a marriage to make an alliance with mutant-kind and the Avengers, or at least with Wakanda. Also it would be rather excellent to watch a film centered around a black-female character, tying into future Avengers and X-Men films.

7. New Avengers: Breakout

The New Avengers: Breakout could serve as one of the first few films of the new Phase and it wouldn’t require a huge amount of changes to the story, a major reason I’ve included this story is Sentry. Sentry is someone I think would make a great addition to the MCU and Breakout serves as his major origin. Kind of.

The New Avengers: Breakout is set just after the devastation of Avengers: Disassembled where Scarlet Witch dismantles or disassmbles the Avengers by unleashing a full force of power. The Avengers are now disbanded but Captain America unites a New team of Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Wolverine and Iron Man, who are later joined by Ronin (Hawkeye) and Luke Cage too, to join himself and journey to the Raft (you know, the prison from 2016’s Civil War film, only larger and containing much more powerful characters). Electro is leading a prison escape at the Raft, after he was hired to make sure someone gets free, only over thirty inmates try and escape too. Robert Reynolds is a prisoner of the Raft, he had voluntarily imprisoned himself for the murder of his wife, Lindy Reynolds. During a jailbreak at the Raft, Sentry turns and defends several of the Avengers from Carnage, who had already beaten several members to a standstill. Sentry easily overpowers Carnage, flies him to the edges of the atmosphere, and tears him in two. Taking a great interest in the now free Sentry, the Avengers begin investigating his dark persona. They soon realize that the Void is actually the result of a cerebral virus created by the villain known as Mastermind. After seeking help, Robert Reynolds is freed from his shackles to the virus by Emma Frost and he recalls much about his life, including that he never actually killed his wife and that his Watchtower stood atop Stark Tower, where he had subconsciously hidden it from public view. With his memory recovered, he joins with the Avengers and begins fighting alongside them, becoming a member of the New Avengers himself.

The New Avengers: Breakout would be the perfect film to introduce Sentry and also form a new line-up of Avenger members, maybe making it the first film to feature Wolverine after the X-Men have been introduced or even before, making Wolverine one of the first mutant-contact characters. Although I’d prefer if Marvel didn’t do what Fox did and make him the major-contact characters, rather, have him as one of them alongside Storm, Cyclops and Xavier.

6. World War Hulk

World War Hulk is one of the best Marvel arcs ever to have been written and in the comics is also a sequel to Planet Hulk. The reason I’ve not put the Planet Hulk stoey as well is that aspects of that story were already covered in Thor: Ragnarok and I think that the arcs of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk could be covered in one film rather than two.

Planet Hulk is a story that sees Hulk exiled to an alien planet by the Illuminati who have deemed his destructive nature too dangerous to be contained to Earth, so they sent him in a shuttle up into space and aimed him towards a peaceful planet so that he could be both free and at peace. However the shuttle lands on a ravaged planet and Hulk is forced into being a gladiator before earning his freedom, toppling the current regime and becoming the planet’s ruler – then his family are killed on the shuttle he arrived in and so heads back to Earth. That was a very brief description of it for the point of this post. World War Hulk sees Hulk return to Earth, blaming the Illuminati for her death, and significantly more powerful than ever because of his time spent absorbing the powerful radiation levels on Planet Sakaar – the planet he was a ruler of. Hulk then rampages across the world destroying much of the cities he comes across and Earth’s heroes group together to try and take him down, which ultimately doesn’t succeed until a character known as Sentry intervenes and stalemates Hulk. The battle between the two of them almost completely destroys the west coast. The arcs of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk could be condensed into a singular film, if World War Hulk sees Hulk return from somewhere else from a story before, of him with a family somewhere else. World War Hulk could also serve as film debut for Sentry, who could previously have appeared in an end-credit scene. World War Hulk would be a tremendous story to adapt into the MCU, maybe even serving as Hulk’s last outing.

5. Avengers: Disassembled

Avengers: Disassembled may well be one of the most devastating stories to come from Marvel Comics. Avengers: Disassembled is a big 2004 crossover story-line published by Marvel Comics involving the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Spider-Man and Thor. It sees the beginning of Brian Michael Bendis’ Avengers run with the destruction of the existing traditional roster, and exile of several key members of the team.

A big character in this arc is Scarlet Witch. In fact, she’s really the whole point of it all, and is very much the main reason behind the events of Disassembled and House of M which came on after it. When the Wasp began a romantic relationship with Hawkeye, she would constantly talk to Wanda about the developments of their romance. One day after Wasp had a few drinks, she revealed to Wanda that she once had children that were hidden to her. This triggered something deep inside Wanda’s mind, as I’m sure it would most people, only most people aren’t capable of warping reality. She sought out her former teacher, Agatha Harkness to learn the truth, and then murdered Agatha for the betrayal. Then Wanda went on to exact her revenge on her fellow Avengers. She hit each of them unexpectedly and even blew up the Avengers Mansion. At this point, it was believed that Wanda was hardly herself; driven mad by grief and trauma and the new-found memories of her now-lost children. It’s hinted that what she did to the other Avengers was unknown even to her, and their destruction was created on a subconscious level. And to top this all off, the Kree arrive (generated by Wanda’s magic) and Hawkeye sacrifices his life to bring down the Kree warship. Doctor Strange then led the remaining Avengers to Wanda who had begun creating a fake reality around her composed of those she cared for. The arrival of the Avengers threatened this peace and the existence of the children that she had once again willed into being and she battled Doctor Strange who defeated and subdued her but it was actually Magneto, Scarlet Witch’s father, who arrived to rescue her. Magneto took Wanda back to Genosha in hopes of healing her broken mind. And this all seemed well until events that led to little story called House of M happened, which, if you hadn’t guessed, was not well.

Avengers: Disassembled is certainly the darkest day of the Avengers’ history. Not only were many of the team’s roster killed but the powers at hand almost threatened the entire world. Scarlet Witch’s trauma and breakdown shook reality and sent ripples through the multiverse. Not only was this arc so big at the time, it also pathed the way directly into House of M and also set up for Avengers vs X-Men, so this story would be immense to have in the MCU. We already have Scarlet Witch but not as a mutant in the MCU, however, although I would prefer her to be a mutant and there may be a way to make that happen, it wouldn’t be essential for this as there would be other ways to make her powers grow exponentially as she discovers her potential. In terms of stories that would make for a darker day than Infinity War, Disassembled is certainly one of the few.

4. Avengers vs X-Men

While Marvel have said that the MCU future will focus on the cosmic side, it is hard to ignore that most of Marvel’s biggest assets are Earth-bound. The X-Men are arguably the biggest of those assets, making up a huge part of the stories and cross-over events. Avengers vs X-Men is possibly one of the best crossover events and as the title may imply, the X-Men play a huge role.

Avengers vs X-Men is an arc that incorporates many, many characters from both sides. The story sees both the Avengers and the X-Men concerned that the Phoenix Force is coming to Earth and both presume that the to-be host is a young mutant called Hope Summers. Cyclops, leading the X-Men, wants Hope to take the Phoenix in order to use the almighty power to rebuild and re-power the mutant population after the decimation caused by Scarlet Witch’s “No More Mutants” of House of M almost completely rid the world of mutants. While the Avengers are understandably concerned that the Phoenix will be used to destroy the Avengers and human-kind. This causes conflict with the remainder of the mutant population and the Avengers, although several mutants refuse to take sides, including Wolverine and Beast who work as teachers at one of the schools. The conflict between those that do fight however is immense taking place even on the Moon as well as on Earth. We also see the Avengers square off against the Phoenix Force in space, demonstrating how supremely powerful the cosmic entity is as it fights off an impressive roster of heroes including Thor, Vision, Captain Marvel and even Blue Marvel. Ultimately the Phoenix Force does take a host but it is not Hope, it is instead five mutants. Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik, Colossus and Namor take the power and that’s when the war becomes desperate for the Avengers. In this event also sees some rather shocking events transpire.

Avengers vs X-Men would most probably have to be a penultimate story, being the last film in a series of Avenger and X-Men sequels that ties them both together. And of course it would have to be set way down the line after the X-Men and various, important mutant characters, had been introduced but it is one that I, like many fans, are really hoping will come to fruition.

3. Annihilation

Annihilation is a tremendous cross-over event worthy of the name. Annhilation is a 2006 cross over event that highlights several outer-space characters including the Guardians of the Galaxy, Galactus, the Annhilators, Silver Surfer, and Thanos, as well as the Annihilation Wave and Annihilus himself.

Annihilation is an absolutely mental arc, an impressive cross over event seeing many elements of Marvel’s universe put against each other. Annihilation is probably the greatest cosmic-crossover event, one of the largest and one of the most devastating. It features several locations and events that we’ve already seen in the MCU such as the Kyln from Guardians of the Galaxy. The story centers on the big baddie Annihilus as he declares war, and with his unstoppable Annihilation Wave, he swarms into the Marvel Universe, demolishing all in its path with only a handful of heroes resisting his grasp. Nova is given advice from Drax the Destroyer and Silver Surfer seeks out Galactus for aid. Nova and Quasar’s army leads the charge, but as heroes fall and Annihilus rises, growing stronger and stronger, an unlikely character is called upon for a last hope. Thanos himself. Although that’s not to say they couldn’t use another character for as much as I love Thanos, there are others worthy of a spot light. Annihilation is told through a variety of different stories, from the perspective of Thanos, Drax, Nova, Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull, the Heralds of Galactus, and Ronan the Accuser. Ultimately, the Annihilation story is one of the biggest cross overs in Marvel’s history, with fantastic action and mind-warping tension as Annihilus’ grows in power.

This is a story that would need to be altered if a variety of the characters died/remained dead such as Ronan the Accuser and others which are inevitably going to depart after Endgame and would have to be after Galactus was introduced as well as his Heralds and the Negative Zone – Annihilus’ home realm would have to be at least hinted at.

2. House of M

Now this would take some time to set up, so if we were to see this, it wouldn’t be until way, way down the line. However this arc is one of my all time favourites and would, if crafted properly, be an absolutely insane arc to see on the big screen.

The majority of House of M takes place in an alternative universe after Scarlet Witch suffers a mental breakdown and tries to alter the very fabric of reality to recreate her lost children after learning that they had been taken from her and her memories of them had been erased. In this new reality, the world is vastly different. Spider-Man is a celebrity married to Gwen Stacy; Cyclops and Emma Frost are happily married; Doctor Strange is a psychologist; and Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel, America’s most beloved superhero. Wolverine, upon waking up, recalls all of his lost memories and knows this new world is a lie. Not only are characters’ lives very different but the mutant population is dominant over humans. Mutants rule humans, and Magneto and his “House of M” rules mutants. Wolverine then is confronted by his “teammates” in the Red Guard who are a mutant elite task force. Wolverine then escapes and finds the human resistance. The resistance form an attack plan and head directly to Magneto to execute it, during this attack the real truth of what has happened and how this world and reality were created, comes to light, and Scarlet Witch beings to lash out. She then utters “No more mutants.” Everything turns to white once again. Upon returning to the normal 616 reality the world learns that mutants have lost their powers, and the number of mutants who have kept them in the world has dropped from thousands to a few hundred. Hank Pym warns that all these powers could not simply vanish, but are contained somewhere, and then a colossal red ribbon begins to orbit earth; the Phoenix Force is returning, and this begins the events leading to Avengers vs X-Men.

As I said above, this story would have to be really far down the line after the X-Men had been introduced and had several films under their belt. The MCU as a whole would be very different too and depending on which characters die or leave the roster after Endgame, adapting this would have to accommodate for those character changes too. However this story would be almighty if adapted, it could set up a number of plot lines including Avengers vs X-Men which is listed above.

1. The Galactus Trilogy

This three-part comic epic from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby may very well be one of the most important cosmic story-lines Marvel has ever produced and so it really must be adapted into the MCU and could definitely be adapted into a singular film. The comic story-line also marked the first appearance/mention of the Negative Zone – a parallel Earth, where-in lives Annihilus, and a realm that has played a prominent role in other Marvel Cosmic arcs such as the “Kree/Skrull War.”

The Galactus Trilogy starts with focus on Silver Surfer as he flies through the Andromeda Galaxy which attracts the attention of the Skrulls. The Skrulls do all that they can to hide the presence of their planet from the view of the Surfer, for they know that if the Silver Surfer is seen, his master; the planet devouring Galactus, won’t be far behind. Then, on Earth, we see the Fantastic Four as they look up and see the entire skyline apparently engulfed in flames. When they return to the Baxter Building to research this they are confronted by a character known as “The Watcher” and he informs them that he has created a barrier around Earth to shield it, and then tells them of Galactus and that if he were to arrive, he would devour Earth. After an investigation the Silver Surfer learns that a planet is hidden there and he alerts his master who soon arrives and plans to devour the world of Earth. The Watcher tries to reason with him and the Fantastic Four try to fight him, each with little to no effect. Then the Silver Surfer joins the Fantastic Four and the team up allows them to turn a weapon of Galactus against himself to negotiate a deal wherein Galactus vows never to devour Earth and to leave if Reed gives the weapon back. This certainly isn’t the most vast story but it is a brilliant one.

The Galactus Trilogy is an arc which incorporates three major elements of Marvel’s universe; the Fantastic Four, Marvel’s flagship family; Galactus, one of the most famous big bads; and Silver Surfer. Each of these characters links to others either in the cosmos or on earth and so would be an extremely beneficial arc to see come to the MCU. On top of that, now that the Fox-Marvel deal is nearing completion, this story could probably flow rather seamlessly from the start of the next phase, as it needs little build up with previous stories, and this story could also be adapted to include some Avengers thus bringing the Fantastic Four and Avengers together for a crisis. Not only is this first on the list for stories to be brought into the MCU but it is also one of my all-time favourite Marvel arcs.


Honourable mentions go to Annihilation: Conquest, Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickan, and X-Men: Messiah Complex. All three stories are formidable and almost made the list, both would need to be way down the line and didn’t quite make the cut. As I said at the top, the list originally was going to be five arcs but became ten, and to be honest, I could write so many more. This post was a real blast to write and one of my longest, as usual any likes and shares of the post go a long way, especially sharing through the Facebook page which can be found here. I also hope to do another give away soon; aiming to do one when we get to 100 likes, so if you know anyone else that might be interested in the content please send them over to like the page. Other posts coming soon include our casting for a Fantastic Four film and favourite Flash villains with some recommended reading. As usual, I hope you enjoyed the post!


Who Is The Black Knight?

So at the D23 Expo event this year, we were blessed with so many wonderful announcements such as some new costumes for upcoming films, and TV show reveals, but among it all was a casting announcement for the Black Knight. “Tis but a scratch!” No, wrong Black Knight. Dane Whitman, he’s the one!

Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) was revealed to be joining the MCU as the character Dane Whitman aka the Black Knight, and will appear in the 2020 MCU film The Eternals with the already impressive cast list! The Black Knight is a somewhat underrated gem in Marvel Comics and little people know of him, at least that I know so I thought I would share a little (or a lot) about the character and the mantle. So, let us dig in!


Dane Whitman first appeared in The Avengers #47 – Magneto Walks the Earth and has appeared in 1023 issues thus far. Little is known of Dane’s early life, but he did go to University and achieved a Masters degree in Physics. The mantle of ‘Black Knight’ has been passed down over generations in Dane’s family, and each who takes it must decide if they are a hero or a villain, and the generation before Dane; his uncle, was the latter.

Dane Whitman’s uncle, Nathan Garrett was seriously injured in a fight with none other than Iron Man, and on his deathbed expressed his wish that his nephew should restore the family legacy by making the Black Knight a hero once again. Dane was originally resistant of the idea but did take up the mantle to fight against the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and then established himself as a hero.

Major Story Arcs

Dane Whitman has appeared in many major story arcs. When he first appeared in the Avenger comics, he was mistaken for his villainous uncle but he ultimately used this to his advantage by infiltrating the Masters of Evil. This helped the Avengers defeat the Masters of Evil, from here he declined an offer to become an Avenger and travelled to England where he had inherited a castle (of course). While at the castle he is visited by the ghost of the original Black Knight who deems Dane worthy to yield the Ebony Blade, and he returns to America with it. Upon returning, however, he finds the Avengers at the mercy of Kang who has been granted control of the Avengers by the Grandmaster.  Not being an Avenger himself, Dane Whitman is able to defeat Kang and free the others from his power. He was then offered membership in the Avengers, which he accepted.

Black Knight has been a member of the Avengers, Defenders, MI: 13, Heroes for Hire, worked along side the Eternals, and also been a major member of Excalibur; the British superhero team. His time with the Eternals was rather long and interesting, defining his character arc as well as establishing a romance with Sersi. As part of his comic career he has played a variety of vital and smaller roles in such stories as Secret Invasion, Operation: Galactic Storm, and Secret Wars. The latter of which reduced him to a rather insane state. This all led into the events of Weirdworld, where Dane Whitman was made king, and he ruled unopposed. This was until the Avengers eventually made it there and apprehended him. This was due to the curse of the Ebony Blade, and until Steve Rogers aka Captain America himself became corrupted by it, the Avengers failed to believe Dane. After a conflict between Dane and Steve, the Avengers intervened and returned Dane to power with his sword by his side. Rebecca Stevens (an ally of Dane’s, author and expert of the Black Knight legends) however decided to stay and watch over his illness as his supervisor.

Skills and Abilities

Black Knight has no superhuman abilities; he possesses the normal physical attributes of an athletic man of his age. He does, however, possess enhanced physical skills when mentally bonded to Sersi and, as Pendragon, possesses the ability to see through magical illusions.

He is however an exceptionally skilled fighter, and particularly as a swordsman. Black Knight is one of the most skilled with a sword in all of Marvel Comics. He is notably intelligent, particularly in areas of science and especially in physics, and he is extremely adept at strategy and tactics.


Black Knight is particularly skilled with medieval weaponry; especially a power lance which used to belong to his uncle; the previous Black Knight. A weapon that Black Knight is attached to is the Ebony Blade. The Ebony Blade is powerful but cursed. Forged from a meteorite, and capable of cutting through almost any substance and is indestructible. On top of this, the blade has magical properties – it can be summoned back to the owner, even from another time period, and it has no effect against its owner. It does however drain sanity and overtime, the user and owner will become insane. This did cause Dane to eventually put the sword aside and find a new weapon. Black Knight has other equipment such as mystical armour and the Sword of Light and Shield of Night, given to him by the Lady of the Lake.

So there we have it! The Black Knight fleshed out, even if just a little. I really enjoy sharing the knowledge and hope to be blessing all of your ears with a Youtube channel in the coming weeks; bringing all sorts of geeky knowledge to the screen! For now though, I hope you learned something. Be sure to like our social media page, we’ll be doing a comic-book give away when we reach 100 likes.

The Best of the D23 Expo

D23 2019! Wow! What a fantastic year for Marvel on top of other Disney franchises. This will be a relatively short post on our favourite of the D23 Expo announcements. As well as a few inputs of my own, because it’s me of course.

Also, before we start quickly, our Facebook page is almost at 100 likes, which is a small milestone but one nonetheless. When we get to 100 likes we’ll be doing a small giveaway for fans, and we’re starting a YouTube channel with content expanding on our posts. So if you’re interested, you can find us here. So let’s dig into the D23 Expo Announcements!

The Eternals

This post is about two things regarding 2020 Marvel Cinematic Universe film ‘The Eternals’. Disney really brought the A-Game with this film’s announcements over the weekend. Firstly, we were given a look at some of the costumes for the Eternals’ characters, as the cast lined up on stage, their characters were shown behind them in film costume and they looked amazing.
Secondly, the already star-studded, diverse, and brilliant cast was joined by Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) who will be playing a life-long favourite of mine: Dane Whitman aka the Black Knight. A descendant in a long line of heroes and villains, each taking on the mantle of Black Knight – and I’ll be doing a Case File post on Black Knight in the weeks coming. This film is one I am most looking forward to from Phase 4, tied with Thor: Love and Thunder. Bravo Disney.

Marvel Television

Marvel was the centre stage for the announcements of course. The SDCC Hall announcement of Phase 4 was so exciting but it left some gaps, these plus more were announced at D23. The TV shows revealed at D23 more than awakened the geek inside me.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan was announced to be joining the MCU back in late 2018 but we as fans were unsure as to how. Low and behold, we got our answer in the definitive form of a TV show coming to Disney+. While there is much speculation as to who will be cast, it is early days, however my choice would be Indian actress Ulka Gupta. I am so excited for this show, I really hope Disney don’t shy away from exploring a political background for the show’s character.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight. Hell. Yes. When this was announced I lost my mind. Fans have been completely hooked on the idea of Marc Spector aka Moon Knight joining the MCU ever since an Easter egg dropped way back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This was aided by the Netflix-Marvel universe, because Moon Knight would have fit right in. When that was scrapped, we as fans lost a lot of hope on the character joining, but then at D23, our prayers were answered. I am so excited for this show and am sort-of campaigning for Michael C. Hall (Dexter) to get the role.


This one was quite unexpected. Many MCU fans have wanted She-Hulk in among the roster for years but there was next to no sign it would happen. Speculation arose when trailers for Infinity War hinted that Hulk might die, and that some of his blood would have been stored to later on save Jennifer Walters aka She Hulk. I’m really interested to see where they take this arc and what it means for Bruce Banner too. Could this be a definitive idea that Hulk will be leaving us later?

Star Wars

Star Wars was bound to be a focus of the D23 Expo. Star War, after Marvel, is Disney’s biggest asset and this year there are two Star Wars related projects of huge hype among fans but one in particular that I am most excited for.

The Mandalorian

Oh my god. This trailer was absolutely insane, and it blew me away. When this project was first announced I was excited, yes, but I was also dubious. When it was made known that Jon Favrea was directing and writing, I became more excited and then when the trailer dropped… it was such a trip. For those that don’t know, the show will take place five years after Return of the Jedi and follows a lone ranger-esque, Mandalorian gunfighter as he explores beyond the reach of the New Republic. While the trailer didn’t reveal much, it did show case some extremely impressive SFX, which honestly looked like that of a film. This is doubly great because it also showed us a little of what sort of SFX will be in store for the various Disney+ Marvel shows which will be coming.


That completes my favourite announcements from the D23 Expo but there was much more on show. Including a sneak peak at one of the many What If? scenarios coming; a new poster for the Disney+ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier show which revealed a comic accurate Sam-as-cap suit; an art set-piece for WandaVision hinting at Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch’s reality warping; Marvel Cinematic Universe film Black Widow received a poster as well as a reveal of a costume in the film; Black Panther 2 received a release date of 2022, Disney films and shows including Frozen II, Lady and the Tramp, Mulan,a newly announced Obi-Wan series with returning character star Ewan McGregor; High School Musical: The Musical: The Series; animated project Soul; a film based upon a Disney theme park attraction Jungle Cruise; and finally a trailer release for Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker!

Thanks for reading, what did you enjoy most from the D23 Expo? Catch ya later!

The Direction of Blade

Hello, it’s been a while because things are so busy. I want to keep up a regular momentum with my posts but adult life gets in the way. Also the heat here at the moment is awful, truly, it’s deathly.

Moving on to the post at hand! This post is the first of three regarding directors for films that came with the SDCC Hall H, Marvel announcement. Phase 4 was a wonderful announcement! I for one really love how it’s short; Feige did say that Phase 4 is all about new beginnings, laying the ground work for a new story to unfold, and it really does look that way. The announcement confirmed shows and films for the phase. The shows are Falcon and the Winter Solider, Hawkeye, WandaVision, Loki, and What If…? and the films are Black Widow, Eternals, Shang Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings, Doctor Strange In the Multiverse Of Madness, and Thor: Love and Thunder.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, Blade, and Fantastic Four were all mentioned too, and we’ll most likely see them in Phase 5, as well as the mutants/X-Men which were briefly mentioned. A lot of the projects are already in development however the Blade, Fantastic Four, and X-Men projects have no word on directors and writers at this given time, and so, being a major Marvel and film fan, I shall do some posts on this, starting with Blade! Mahershala Ali came on stage at Hall H and announced his casting as Blade, and I think he’s a terrific choice. I loved Snipes but Ali brings a certain charisma to the role and man he’s a good actor, but now, on to the director choices.

The Candidates

So these choices are my own, they are by no means ‘rumours’ about the real choices. I have picked three writers and three directors that I would love to see take up the film project starting with my first and favourite choices for each, and this will be the same format for each of the blog posts! So let us get started!

Director – Ryan Coogler

Ryan Coogler has definitely earned a spot on this list. Coogler is still relatively new to the film industry but a serious contender. His film was the 2013 title Fruitvale Station, which won numerous awards, and he went on from that to direct and write Creed and Black Panther, and produce Creed II. Ryan Coogler is attached to the Black Panther 2 sequel too so has significant credits already and his days are early. Coogler’s take on Black Panther proved a huge success, with the film breaking a number of records and recieving high praise and winning three Academy Awards. Ryan Coogler would be a worthy director to handle the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Blade project.

Director – Alex Garland

Alex Garland is rapidly becoming one of my favourite directors and most definitely would be well-suited for Blade. Alex Garland directed the five-times nominated Ex-Machina, as well as the Netflix adaptation of Annihlation. Blade is a horror property through and through and Alex Garland has a real talent for creating horror projects, and brining them to life effectively. His film career kickstarted as a screenwriter for none other than, one of the best zombie films ever, 28 Days Later, and returned a few years after to write Sunshine, the science-fiction horror. Talking about his projects I mentioned at the start; Ex-Machina and Annihlation, both were masterfully directed and both brought a beautiful contrast of suspense and action. While it’s unknown what rating the MCU’s version of Blade will be given, it will most certainly have gritty horror aspects alongside it’s action, and a director with experience such as Garland, would be desirable for the project and potential sequels.

Director – Antoine Fuqua

Antoine Fuqua is a proven director and notably for his gritty action films. Under his belt are credits such as the Academy Award and Golden Globe winning Training Day, and a childhood favourite of mine: King Arthur. Fuqua’s talent as a director would be extremely beneficial for the action-packed nature of Blade’s antics, his previous projects include Southpaw, where his direction delivered a powerful punch (pun intended) and the close-choreography was amazing. Also, The Equalizer, which delivered a dark story about a vigilante and soldier; somewhat similar to Blade, at least in part. Antoine Fuqua’s direction with Blade would bring amazing action; particular in close-up sequences, and Blade is all about getting close.

Writer – Ava Duvernay

My top choice of writer is Ava Duvernay. Ava Duvernay is a multiple award-winning, fantastic writer and director. Her writing is particularly highly praised for the dramatic and darker tones of the story and characters. The 2019 Netflix series When They See Us has been nominated for 18 awards, 11 of which are Emmy nominations. Ava Duvernay may focus a lot of her work on politically charged dramas however, it was announced last year that Duvernay will be writing and directing the DC film New Gods, which proves she has an interest in developing superhero projects that extend outside of the traditional superhero structure. Also, bringing a political spin on Blade’s film may also work really well. Ava Duvernay’s works are noticibly dark and certianly gripping; she would make a really terrific addition to the production.

Writer – Drew Goddard

Drew Goddard is an exceptionally talented screen-writer. His film screenwriting debut was Cloverfield, which was outstandingly good and brought a terrific combination of suspense, thrills and action, all while included in the horror genre. From this he went on to write and co-direct the quirky horror Cabin in the Woods, which won multiple awards, and then also wrote the Academy Award nominated, science fiction hit The Martian. Drew Goddard has proven time and time again that he can handle unique, quirky, fresh projects and is a genius at combining different elements into the same genre. Drew Goddard would be a tremendous writer for Blade’s debut in the MCU, it doesn’t hurt that he also wrote for the cult-classic show, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

Writer – Ryan Coogler

Oh hey, Coogler again. Yep, Coogler is a choice for both writer and director. As mentioned in the Director candidate part, Ryan Coogler’s success with Black Panther was also for screen-writing the critically acclaimed, box-office hit. Coogler has proved with this and with Creed; also mentioned above, that he can write amazing character arcs and deliver a powerful story at the same time. While I personally would prefer his talents laying with writing or directing in this case, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to him taking both positions on the project.

Honourable Mention. Writer – Eric Kripke

Eric Kripke isn’t one I would have considered before Amazon’s The Boys adaptation aired. The show is adapted from a series of comics written by Garth Ennis. The Boys show is dark, gory, graphic, horrifying-at-times, and immensely fun. Eric Kripke’s screen-writing for this could be implemented to bring a similar theme for Blade., which would most definitely benefit from it. Kripke does have other experience which would go in his favour, although not too much to my liking after the third season, Supernatural‘s writing is certainly relevant.

So there’s my post! I absolutely loved writing this, and I’m going to be doing this again for the Fantastic Four and X-Men’s film debuts. Who would you like to see take up the position of writer and director for the MCU’s Blade!

Far From Home: Easter Egg Edition

I saw Spider-Man: Far From Home at the weekend just gone and I loved it! Ultimately I preferred Homecoming but Far From Home had some truly excellent moments and covered some great themes, it has swung into my top ten MCU films!. As with all of the Marvel Cinematic Films, it was packed with Easter Eggs. This post is a breakdown of my ten favourite Easter Eggs from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Before we get started, does anyone want to get out? Because if you haven’t seen the film, now is the time. There will be spoilers in this post.

Alright! Let us dive into my favourite Easter eggs and references from Spider-Man: Far From Home

10. 616/833

Shortly after Spider-Man first meets the illustrious hero known only by news-outlets as Mysterio, real name Quentin Beck, Beck claims he is from an earth that isn’t Peter’s. Beck mentions that the universe that Peter lives in is the 616 universe and that he is from the 833 universe. It’s common knowledge among comic-book fans that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is officially Marvel-199999, while based off of the Marvel-616 comic-universe. Part two of this Easter egg is that Marvel-833 is also a universe, where the hero Spider-UK lives, and going even further into this Easter Egg; when Mysterio talks about the rift he came into the cinematic universe from, a picture we see of it is uncannily similar to that of the comic-counter part.

9. Let’s Take A Selfie!

So this is a quick one. Right near the end of the film, Spider-Man takes a selfie, throwing up a peace sign while in his suit and flying through the air. This is a reference and Easter Egg to the PS4 Spider-Man game that came out earlier this year in which the player could take a selfie whenever they wanted. This reference was really simple but really fun.

8. Earth, Air, Fire and Water

In the film, Mysterio claims to fight a group of beings known as the Elementals, which ultimately isn’t true and they are all in fact illusions, however while explaining who and what they are he mentions Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This is a call-out to the Spider-Man villains Sandman, Cyclone, Molten Man, and Hydro-Man; the characters which inspired the Elementals.

7. Unmasked At Last

This Easter Egg comes to us in the mid-credits scene after Peter has taken MJ on a date; swinging around the city, over rooftops, and through the streets. After he stops a news report comes on a big screen, showing a leaked video which frames Spider-Man as a killer and also releases the identity of the web-slinging wall-crawler to be Peter Parker. This has happened before, sort of. In the comic-book series Civil War, Peter voluntarily unveils his identity to show his support for the superhuman registration act. This is different in the MCU, however what this action does references a few things – in the comics, Mysterio’s first major act was to frame Peter, which didn’t end going his way. However by revealing Spider-Man’s identity to the world, it also opens up the direction for a few stories; specifically Clone Saga and Spider-Verse, both being perfect to take off from his identity being known.

6. Classic Comics

All throughout the film we were given references to classic Marvel comics. Scattered across the license plates and on the sides of various vehicles were various references including ASM-212 and AMF-1562. Amazing Spider-Man 212 was the first appearance of Hydro Man, and Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962 was the first original comic for Spider-Man. A personal favourite of mine however was MTU-83779 which was the license plate of Nick Fury’s car, which references the comic Marvel Team Up #83 from July, 1979. In this comic, Spider-Man teams up with Nick Fury himself.

5. Iron Spider

In the second part of the film, towards the end, Spider-Man is configuring his own suit; making a brand new one to face Mysterio and his illusions, with multiple enhancements and new features. Before he begins to construct a new suit from scratch, we see a glimpse of a hologram of the Iron Spider suit. Peter has already worn this in the films Infinity War and Endgame however the one in this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot is the comic-book counter part, one that fans may also remember having seen in the Sony-Marvel animated Into the Spider-Verse film. Also, additionally, a really heartfelt moment follows the brief shot of this suit in which Peter puts his arm through a holographic module which covers his arm, mirroring Tony Stark in the first Iron Man film when he was designing his own suit. That tiny detail made me tear a up a little.

4. Upon The Streets Of Venice

The street names that we see in Spider-Man: Far From Home are actually named after various writers. “Calle Slotto” is a reference to Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, who wrote the character’s antics for over a decade; “Calle Sterno” is a reference to Roger Stern, the legendary Spider-Man writer who wrote one fo the most celebrated runs of the character ever; and “Calle Bendiso” is a reference to Brian Michael Bendis who became one of the most influential Spider-Man writers, re-inventing the character and also creating the Ultimate Universe Spider-Man: Miles Morales. There were a few others, but I’ll leave them for you to notice and search up!

Additionally, upon the same streets is the hotel that Peter’s class stays in while in the city of Venice. The hotel is titled “Hotel DeMatteis”. Some may think it’s just a cool name but no, it is a direct reference and shout-out to J.M DeMatteis, who is considered one of the greatest Spider-Man writers ever, certainly in my mind. He wrote the dark and brilliant series “Kraven’s Last Hunt” – one of Spider-man’s best stories.

3. Marvel Zombies

In one of the film’s more disturbing scenes, and in an illusion created by Mysterio, Peter finds himself confronted with a zombie of Iron Man which comes out of the late-Avenger’s grave. The suited-up Iron Man’s body has decayed to a skeleton, a zombie. This is a beautiful yet harrowing Easter egg and reference to the Marvel comic-book series Marvel Zombies written by Robert Kirkman. On a side note – the whole set of illusions by Mysterio in this sequence of scenes is probably one of the best MCU moments, and most certainly one of the best parts of the film.

2. The Four?

This Easter egg also comes from the first credit scene (the mid-credits) in which, behind Spider-Man and MJ as he swings through the city, is an advert on a sign which lays beneath, or at the bottom, of the now-old Avengers tower. Upon the sign there is the writing “Something Big Is Coming” next to the numbers 1-2-3-. Now a lot of people have take this to mean something to do with Phase 4, however I think specifically it is referencing the introduction of the Fantastic Four. Firstly, each of the numbers has a circle around it; and as we know, the Fantastic Four’s logo in the comics is the number 4 encased in a circle. Secondly, there is an excellent comic-book series called 1-2-3-4, and what do you know? It’s about the Fantastic Four. Thirdly and finally, the 1-2-3 could also be taken as the famous superhero team coming back for a third time, as a third incarnation appearing in the MCU. That’s my, wishful thinking, take on it.

1. Original Sin

The second, and last, credit scene of the film and is probably up in my top five credit scenes from the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. In the last credit scene we are shown that the Nick Fury and Agent Hill on Earth, that we have seen all this time, are in fact Skrulls and the real Nick Fury is off in space of all places; enjoying a holiday. This is a direct Easter Egg to the comic-book story line Original Sin in which, the Nick Fury on Earth was actually a android counter-part, and the real Fury was serving as a galactic defender. This Easter egg also doubles as a way to potentially introduce SWORD properly into the MCU for future films. Maybe we’ll get an Original Sin story line in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, maybe not, either way this Easter egg really hit the spot for me!

Honourable Mentions!

There’s two Easter eggs which I have chosen for my honourable mentions. First is Nova. This Easter egg is really wishful thinking. While Peter is looking through the in-flight film options an advert briefly pops up for a film about space with the title “Nova: Einstein Rosen Bridges”. This is a some-what loose connection to the idea that the popular character Nova is coming to the MCU but I want the character badly enough that I am prepared to make that jump.
Second is Norman Osborn. There’s been several rumours that Norman Osborn will be a big-bad in phase 4, and with Peter being unmasked at the end of this film, now would be a perfect time to introduce the evil and twisted Norman. However the Easter egg itself is of the Osborn Penthouse. While Swinging through the city, Peter lands and runs and then jumps off of a roof-top garden, and this is unmistakably the Osborn Penthouse; confirming Norman Osborn’s place in the MCU is surely right around the corner.

The MCU: Age of the X-Men

Firstly – full credit and shout out to Russell Dauterman, the picture used in the cover photo for this post is brilliant! This is my first post in exactly a month! Sorry about that! The last month has been hectic, so hectic. It feels like a lot of the months in the recent times of my life have been so. However, I want to continue blogging and all it means is the posts are delayed a little. This post is dedicated to the X-Men and their future in the MCU. I am eventually going to get around to doing a dream X-Men casting post too! So we are yet to see the X-Men or mutant kind in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we apparently won’t be seeing them until at least 2025, this gives the universe considerable time to build up to introducing them. Once they are here, the possibilities will be almost endless in what stories they adapt, especially combining the other elements of Earth and space already existing in the universe.

So in this post, I will be talking through 5 stories which I desperately wish to see in the MCU after the X-Men have been introduced, because, well it would be difficult to do before. A disclaimer before we start. First Class, Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, and Dark Phoenix Saga are not included in this list. I wanted to talk about potential arcs in full that we haven’t seen in any film-universe, no matter how good the MCU versions of those existing/already-done ones would be. We still don’t know how the mutants will debut into the MCU, there are several theories, all of which have little to no backing at the moment. However, after talking with a friend and fellow geek, TJ, this morning, we discussed briefly the possibility of something happening which is similar to an event taking place in the comics right now. In fact, he linked me to the article which can be found here. However they do it, they have to find a good way to explain it all. However, let us delve into this small list of stories that I would love to see adapted into the MCU!

5. God Loves, Man Kills

God Loves, Man Kills is one of the best X-Men stories and it’s also one of the oldest, deepest ones. Unfortunately, to this day, we still live in a world filled with hate and prejudice, towards people’s skin colour, place of birth, sexuality and other reasons. This story sheds light on these issues.

God Loves, Man Kills shows us how far the hatred of humanity goes. The mutant-kind are looked at as something other than human. A character called William Stryker, a reverend, adds fuel to the fire of this hatred by making it a religious thing. He calls out mutant-kind as a plague of evil and spawns of satan himself, and this hatred all comes from his own shame. William Stryker killed his own child because he was born a mutant, and then his wife, for the mere matter of giving birth to the child. X-2 did a brilliant job of loosely adapting the character, while changing aspects such as making him a military scientist rather than man of god, but a full-scale adaptation of this story would be truly brilliant. On top of this all, we see the X-Men team up with Magneto and this too, sheds light on a variety of difficult topics. While this story is certainly dark and deep, it is rather excellent. William Stryker is also a villain worthy of the hatred that he also preaches, and I would love to see him fleshed out in a way that the MCU does wonderfully for villains.

4. Messiah Complex/Second Coming

After Wanda Maximoff said “No more mutants” during House of M, 90 percent of mutants around the world lost their powers, this moment is one I have been hoping will land in the MCU, as well as the stories afterwards..

Many of them died because they depended on their abilities to live. For years, there were no new mutant births. Then, one day, a mutant was born and gave hope to mutants. After fighting a variety of mutant-hunting enemies including the Purifiers and Mauruders, the X-Men let Cable take the baby into the future so that she could grow to be whatever and whoever she wanted, given the name Hope by Cable, who raised her. Hope came back from the future after years of training in harsh conditions and was instantly set upon by Bastion and his forces, knowing of her power and that she inspired the mutants, he needed to kill her before finishing off the rest of mutant-kind. The X-Men come to Hope and Cable’s aid, and a furious fight ensues. Another factor to consider for the future of the MCU films. Regarding Hope and this story is, in the future of this story there are two realities – one where Hope saves mutant kind, restoring them to their former numbers, and in the second, Hope destroys mutant kind for good. Introducing Hope into the MCU after the events of House of M, or another, adapted story, would radically set the stage for more time-travel and more complex stories. As I said at the start, the X-Men and Mutant Kind bring so much to the table of the MCU and open the door for many, many stories and plots to unravel.

3. Astonishing X-Men

This is hands-down one of the best X-Men stories ever to have been written. It actually landed at first on my own published-post of favourite X-Men stories. However this list is not a list of my favourite stories, and positions one and two are actually much larger events.

Joss Whedon’s run of Astonishing X-Men was near flawless. It wasn’t just an action-packed book full of terrific humor. It broke down each member of the X-Men to their core. We saw Cyclops examine his fears of not being a good enough leader, Emma Frost dealing with her past life as a villain, and Beast’s own reflection upon his appearance and how it inflicted him, all of these aspects made the story so brilliant. This story is also the story in which we see Kitty Pryde start her journey towards becoming a leader. Astonishing X-Men sees an A-List X-Men team take the stage too, bringing together Cyclops, Emma Frost, Wolverine, Beast, Kitty Pryde, and later on – Colossus too. The story of Astonishing X-Men shakes up the X-Men as they continue to fight to save the world that fears them and their kind. Adapting the Astonishing X-Men would result in a heartfelt story, and a deeper examination of the X-Men members and their flaws which haunt them day in, day out. The Astonishing X-Men run doesn’t have any cataclysmic battles like that of House of M or Messiah Complex/Second Coming, but it does really dig deep into the X-Men mythos, changing and molding it; something that would be fantastic to see unfold in the story.

2. House of M

To this very day, and onwards into the future, House of M will be considered one of the most iconic and most important stories in Marvel’s history. Putting into motion a series of stories and events which climaxed in one of the best and biggest conflicts on Marvel’s pages.

Following an emotional breakdown after the Avengers: Disassembled story, Scarlet Witch snaps and uses her powers to remake and remold reality, into a new world where everyone’s deepest wish was granted: Spider-Man is a celebrity married to Gwen Stacy;  Cyclops and Emma Frost are married; Doctor Strange is a psychologist; Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel, America’s most beloved superhero; and Steve Rogers is an aged veteran. Wolverine, however, remembers his previous life and knows that the world is a lie, the world where mutants rule humans—and Magneto and his “House of M” rules mutants. Wolverine sets out to get help from his fellow X-Men and Avengers and slowly but surely, forms and resistance. This story then leads to a confrontation between the resistance and the ‘House of M’. But it doesn’t stop there, for after realising what she has done, Scarlet Witch breaks reality once more – with the now-famous words of “No More Mutants” she reverts the world back to how it was before, in the present day, only this time – 90% of the world’s mutants are left without abilities. This event sets the stage for a series of stories leading the X-Men down a new, and dark path. Adapting House of M into the MCU feels like an absolute must-be-done! The only issue really, is that Scarlet Witch in the MCU is not a mutant. However, with the possibility of a multiverse on the horizon, we won’t rule anything out just yet.

1. Avengers vs X-Men

Avengers vs X-Men would be the perfect conclusion to a long-running series of both X-Men and Avenger films, previously set into motion by House Of M.

The story sees the Avengers trying to protect the world from Hope Summers becoming possessed by the Phoenix Force while the X-Men trying to protect her from the Avengers, all the while, Hope isn’t sure what she wants. For the X-Men know that she could use the power to reverse the damage done by Scarlet Witch in House of M, and the Avengers fear this and worse will happen. This story would be the battle of a life-time. With the X-Men not being introduced until at least 2025, this means we have time to lay the foundations for this story before the X-Men are even around; set up the various Avenger stories and characters ready to world build. Avengers vs X-Men features an amazing list of characters and is filled with all manner of plot development, plot twist, and changes that left long-lasting effect in the Marvel Universe, as would be the same with the MCU. Avengers vs X-Men is an arc that brings so much more than just battles though. The character development in the story is exceptional and we are treated to characters’ own perceptions change and shatter completely in some cases, as well as this, as stated in a previous post – an event of this size could also include the Illuminati and add to their already twisted mythos. A story of this size would shake the MCU to the core, and incorporate so many elements, locations and characters.

Honourable Choice!

So, I had three honourable choices, all of which I want to see someday. Those are: X-Men: Proteus, X-Cutioner’s Song, and X-Men: Schism. X-Cutioner’s Song especially stands out.

An assassination attempt on Professor X by Cable sets off an explosion of events, involving the two X-Men teams, the government-sponsored X-Factor, and the paramilitary X-Force; formerly the New Mutants, all against against Stryfe, Apocalypse, and Mr. Sinister. A story of massive proportions such as this, involving a war between the X-teams and their enemies, would be a spectacular turn of events to watch unfold on screen, as well as bringing a trio of brilliant villains together, giving them all a new level of depth.

Most of these stories could also include Avenger-characters or the Fantastic Four, maybe not loads as to take away the X-Factor (eyyyy puns), but a few – here and there – to tie the world together. I had a lot of fun writing this out, and it’s been a long day so I’m going to sign off! Hope you had a good read and are enjoying your weekend!