Respect Thread – Martian Manhunter

It’s that time again! Respect Thread time! Really appreciate those who read my last post, it was one of the highest viewed so far which is very positive! Martian Manhunter is very much a gem of DC comics and one of the most capable, most powerful heroes but a huge amount of people don’t know much (if anything) about him apart from his rather questionable choice of outfit. The dude can literally change his physical form to anything he chooses and that’s what he went with.

Right! To the matter at hand. J’onn J’onzz aka Martian Manhunter is one of the last two survivors of the Green Martians. J’onn was supposed to become the next leader of his people and take a Rite of Passage wherein he was to detach himself from his people and understand what it meant to be truly alone. When he returned J’onn found that the paradise he once knew and called home was nothing but ashes. Standing in the burning ruins of the civilisation he once knew, J’onn adopted the name “Manhunter” as he is now alone and in search for the being behind his misery. It was later in fact revealed, after he thought he was the last survivor of his race, that his twin brother was responsible for the annihilation of his people and destruction of his planet. Martian Manhunter has been a member of the Justice League, the Justice League of America, and Stormwatch among other affiliations.

Martian Manhunter possesses powers and abilities common to all Martians but has shown to be the most powerful of his race, largely due to be from his training as a Manhunter of Mars, and also his years as hero of Earth training with other members of the Justice League such as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.DurabilityBlast

Martian Manhunter possesses incredible superhuman strength and durability, his strength is easy comparable to that of Superman and he has shown able to overpower beings like Lanterns and Superboy-Prime, and his durability means he has taken punches from Superman, Despero, and Mongul, he once ever withstood a blast that incapacitated the entire League long enough to download all the details of the confrontation to an alternative League. He can also increase his invulnerability by altering his density to become super dense.

He has the ability to fly at vast speeds, easily keeping up with many experienced Lantern Corps members, and has exchanged blows with Barry Allen in a speed-blitz brawl.FlashFight He has superhuman stamina, agility, reflexes and speed. He can even utilize his telepathy at super speed, able to create a telepathic conference room for the Justice League to discuss matters in the privacy of J’onn’s mind in just an instant. He has a healing factor that is even capable of recovering from limbs being cut off.

Martian Manhunter’s greatest weapons though are the control over his own molecular structure and his telepathy. Martian Manhunter has vast shape shifting abilities that stem from complete control of his molecular structure. He is able to take on any shape he pleases, often taking the human guise of Detective John Jones. It has been revealed in the older comics, that he takes the powers and weaknesses of whoever he turns into, he has often shown to grow an extra pair of arms to supplement his fighting abilities and his strength. When increasing his size, J’onn often borrows mass from matter around him and incorporates it in his body, expelling it when he returns to his normal size. Martian Manhunter has used the power to imitate other characters too such as Mera during a battle with Black Adam, phased through the atmosphere, and also phased through Aquaman’s trident of Poseidon.

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He has elongated parts of himself into bladed weapons during combat. His density is also variable and changes as he wills it. He can use this ability to become intangible and move through objects or allow attacks to fly by harmlessly through him or to become extremely dense to add more mass to his blows and increase his invulnerability. J’onn’s control over his own molecular structure also allow him to adapt his visibility, granting him the ability to become invisible at will.

J’onn is the most powerful telepath on earth, being able to effect even the Spectre and Doctor Fate with his telepathy. Aquaman has stated that Martian Manhunter’s telepathy exceeds even the telepathy of other members of the Martian race.

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He has even read all the minds of every single person on the planet at the same time and is capable of linking the minds of all superheroes at once from a distance of the moon to all corners of the earth. He has used his powers to make charcters think he’s beating them up, and has even erased all the memories of himself from the minds of the Stormwatch. His telepathic abilities also allow him to create realistic illusions; telepathically trace and locate people; shut down peopleSupermanJonnz‘s minds; brain blast; mental shield; influence thoughts; mind control people; manipulate memory; astral projection; possesion; induce sleep; reprogram or reorder minds; and transfer information directly into people’s brains. Even the likes of Superman himself has stated that J’onn is the most powerful being on the planet Earth, and says there’s no one he’d be more afraid to face in open combat and that’s not a compliment Superman throws around lightly.

So there it is! Martian Manhunter is one of the most incredibly gifted characters across DC and Marvel for that matter.  It’s a real shame his own series didn’t last long and that they’ve not started another of his own. I’d love to see him more in the Justice League stories, maybe a regular addition to the team! Hopefully he’ll be a part of the next big DC event.

As usual, I hope you enjoyed the post! My next post will be a list of my top 5 Hulk stories, I’ve been reading and re-reading more of Hulk recently and it dawned on me that he’s such a famous character and I’ve not done a list yet. If you have any characters that you’d love to see me do a respect thread for, or to list their favourite characters, just leave a comment, or inbox me if you know me. Peace ❤


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